The Top Five Tools Every Real Estate Agent Needs to be Successful

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3 min readFeb 27, 2021

In a saturated industry in the real estate market, it’s important for agents to be able to set themselves apart from the competition. Having the right tools at your disposal will help set you up for success and ultimately give you the ability to do the best possible job for your client. Here are five tools that will help real estate agents be successful:

1. Homebot is a platform that tracks the value of a home and sends the homeowner a monthly report with real-time data. Their mission is to enable homeowners the ability to build wealth by arming them with the right information on the value of their home. It’s great for agents because it helps keep you in contact with your clients without you having to do anything because everything is automated.

2. RealScout is a more advanced home search tool for prospective home buyers. The platform provides more accurate data on what’s available on the market than using Zillow or Redfin. Best of all, agents get their own search link that can be provided to clients that will have their information on it. RealScout helps clients with accurate information and helps agents keep their brand top of mind.

3. As a real estate agent, having a good CRM is crucial to your business. Enter Chime, a one-stop CRM solution created for the real estate industry. Chime was created to help agents track leads, track automated messaging and help nurture prospects through the sales funnel. The platform is user friendly and the templates are easy to customize. They are constantly updating the platform with new features and integrations so that agents stay on the cutting edge with technology.

4. Real estate farming is one of those tried and true strategies that agents have relied on to become the go-to agent in the neighborhood. It’s essentially a lead generation strategy where an agent can target a specific neighborhood with targeted messaging. One of the ways to farm a neighborhood is to use direct mailers. With Corefact, agents can send out custom mailers using templates on the platform. Corefact also has the data so that you can send out things like home estimate map cards, just listed or sold cards and market updates.

5. Presentation is everything and agents need to be able to present information to clients that look professional. With HighNote, agents now have a resource that can help collect and deliver all resources to clients in one trackable link that looks polished and professional. No more having to dig through email chains or sending over unpolished presentations to clients.

So there you have it, a round-up of five tools every real estate agent need to integrate to be successful. With these tools you’ll be able to close more deals by providing accurate, real time data to your clients, while at the same time remember to follow up with them in a timely manner.



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